Chapter Officers

Carla Picasso


Carla is a sophomore from Marin, CA majoring in International affairs with a concentration in security policy, and a minor in Criminal Justice. Before coming to GWU, Carla took a gap year where she rode horses competitively in Ireland at Four Seasons Stables and traveled around Europe. Outside of Sigma Kappa, Carla works for Red bull as a Student Marketeer. Carla went SK because “since stepping into the recruitment room on the first night I have been amazed by all the women that are part of the Zeta chapter.” Carla hopes to foster Sigma Kappa's engagement in the GWU community as a whole and strengthen the bonds of the overall Panhellenic community.

Cynthia Constantinou

Vice President of Standards and Values

Cynthia is a sophomore from West Chester, NY. She is majoring in creative writing and minoring in Psychology. Cynthia went SK because "it was the only room during recruitment I never wanted to leave. I fell in love with all the chapter's amazing members and I never looked back." Outside of Sigma Kappa, Cynthia is passionate about reading, writing and all things literature.

Katie Yarber

Vice President of Philanthropic Service

Katie is a sophomore from Sutton, MA. She is double majoring in Chinese and East Asian studies. Katie is incredibly passionate about philanthropy and has previously interned at Spectrum, a substance abuse rehabilitation facility. Katie went SK because" I felt the most comfortable being myself in that room. I could talk to all the different women each night and still feel like I belonged. They have shown me unwavering loyalty." Katie hopes to strengths the bonds within the greater greek community at GWU through philanthropy and service.

Sophie Van Gilder

Vice President of Alumnae Relations

Sophie is a sophomore from Blue Ridge Summit, PA. She is an international affairs major with a concentration in international development. Sophie currently works at a research and development institute within the Elliot School for Internation Affairs here at GWU. Sophie states that "I grew up in a small town and was searching for that kind of community here at GWU. Sigma Kappa became my home at GWU with women who inspire, love and welcome me every day." Sophie strives to connect the Sigma Kappa alumnae with current sisters in hopes to foster further sisterhood bonds.

Avery Yoss

Vice President of Finance

Avery is a sophomore from Dallas, TX. She is majoring in business administration with a concentration in arts management and a minor in theatre. Avery is on the excetuvie board for the George Washington University Women in Business organization where she focuses on public relations and graphic design. She also teaches dance in her spare time. She has previously interned at the Dallas Center for Performing Arts and hopes to continue working in the creative community. Avery went SK because "the people I met during recruitment were some of the kindest and most genuine people I had ever met."

Jess Talamo

Social Chair

Jess is a sophomore from Philadelphia, PA. She is majoring in communications with a minor in creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Jess went SK because she "felt the most myself talking to other sigma kappa sisters, and felt like I discovered a new part of myself that I never knew existed." She hopes to strengths the sisterhood bonds with the zeta chapter through social events and promote an inclusive and authentic sisterhood.

Lucie Lebourgeois

Vice President of New Member Education

Lucie is a sophomore from Media, PA. She is pursuing a major in Business Administration with a concentration in International Business, and a minor in Sustainability. She has done volunteering at Miriam's kitchen and with my local elementary school’s French program. I’ve interned for TDC Graphic, a promotional products company, and I currently work as a hostess for Barcelona Restaurant and Wine Bar. Lucie says that "joining Sigma Kappa was one of the best decisions I’ve made in college, and it led me to some of my closest friends. I connect so profoundly to the sigma kappa values, and I’m so proud to wear the letters every day"

Grace Rittenhouse

Vice President of Communications and Operations

Grace is a sophomore from Philadephia, PA. She is majoring in psychology and is minoring in journalism and mass communication and philosophy. She has previously volunteered with Abington Memoria hospital and currently interns at College Scoops. She is also currently involved in research within the GWU psychology department. Grace remarks that " I joined SK because the women within this chapter made me feel amazing,. I'm surrounded by the most inspiring women every day."

Erin Johnson

Vice President of Recruitment

Erin is a sophomore who currently Anchorage, AK but went to high school in Singapore. She is majoring in political science and government and a minor in criminal justice. She previously worked at the U.S House of Representatives as a congressional intern this past semester. Erin says "I went SK because the women within those rooms made me feel so amazing and welcome."

Skylar Kool

Panhellenic Delegate

Skylar is a sophomore from Portland, OR. She is majoring in business administration with a minor in statistics. She is passionate about traveling and exploring life on the west coast. She hopes to make the Panhellenic community feel smaller and work on fostering connections with the other sororities on campus. Skylar says that "I joined SK because of the warm feeling I had while talking to every single girl. Everyone really cared about each other and I could feel that."

Sam Pereira

Vice President of Programming

Sam is our vice president of programming and is a sophomore from Charlotte, NC. She is majoring in international affairs with a minor in Arabic. She is passionate about women's rights and environmental policy. Of her time in SK, Sam says "I am happy to be a part of Sigma Kappa’s sisterhood of strong, supportive women!"