Letter from the Chapter

Welcome Potential New Members to Sigma Kappa!

My name is Erin Johnson and I am the Vice President of Membership for the Zeta chapter of Sigma Kappa here at the George Washington University. I am thrilled to welcome you all into our chapter & to shed light on our sisterhood through the 2021 Recruitment Process. Orchestrating this pivotal event gives me the chance to epitomize the diversity and interconnectedness of our chapter. Over the past two years, Sigma Kappa has gone above and beyond my expectations as a chapter. I remain in awe every day of how empowering and incredible each woman in the sisterhood is, and the strong network that has been fashioned between us. With that in mind, continuing the legacy this chapter is of utmost importance to me.

I was not always set on going Greek, but coming to GW I was searching for my home within the Foggy Bottom ‘bubble.’ After continuously returning to the Sigma Kappa room, I knew I had finally found my home. Since joining Sigma Kappa, I have been experiencing college alongside my best friends, mentors and role models. I have found a true genuine sisterhood where I have access to an incredible support system and network of inspiring women. There is something so special knowing that I have Sigma Kappa to call home not only through my 4 years at GW, but for life.

The decision to go greek was one of the rewarding decisions I made in my early college career. I encourage you all to go through recruitment and find your forever home, like I found mine in Sigma Kappa. Let us show you who we are and get to know you as well.

We're looking forward to meeting you all!


Erin Johnson

Vice President of Membership