Parent FAQ

Why join Sigma Kappa?

Sigma Kappa at George Washington University is a strong caring community where your daughters can find friendship, opportunities, and support.  For a lot of people college can be a tough transition, especially in such a bustling city as our nation’s capital.  The Zeta chapter is a group of women dedicated to the success, growth and the happiness of each other. Whether it’s setting a sister up with an internship on Capitol Hill, organizing a group to see a Nationals baseball game, or holding sister study sessions throughout the semester, our sisters are supportive of each other.  We recognize that college is not easy, but we also know everything is easier when you have a great community of inspiring and driven women to surround you, support you, and push you everyday. 

What are the opportunities for my daughter during college?

During college, the Zeta Chapter will provide your daughter with a number of opportunities like internships and a vast alumnae network.  Your daughter will have the opportunity to live in the Sigma Kappa townhouse (usually during Sophomore year), volunteer at a nearby homeless shelter, Miriam’s Kitchen, and take on leadership positions within the chapter and the broader Greek community.

We also recently funded our own Zeta scholarship, which selects one sister each year who exemplifies the Sigma Kappa values of friendship, loyalty, personal growth, and service. The Sigma Kappa Foundation awards this sister a gift that counts towards her college tuition. We are one of few Sigma Kappa chapter’s in the nation to have such a scholarship, and we aspire to continue to increase the diversity of our membership and make Greek life more accessible. More information can be found on the National Sigma Kappa website. 

Is there a GPA requirement?

There is a GPA requirement that every Sigma Kappa must meet. Every Sigma Kappa is expected to have a 2.5 GPA or higher. If a Sigma Kappa fails to meet this requirement, the vice president of scholarship puts together a personalized study plan for her to follow, and she will be guided by the vice president of scholarship until she has raised her GPA.

We also book study rooms weekly so that Sigma Kappas can study together in the library because even though we are a sorority, academics come first.

What are the financial responsibilities?

The dues are comparable, and specific information is provided during recruitment.  

What is the time commitment?

There is a minimum time commitment for every Sigma Kappa. A few of the requirements include our weekly chapters, philanthropy events, and a handful of recruitment retreats each year.

We know that our sisters are well-rounded, intelligent, and active members of the GW community who have many other interests. The level of involvement is a spectrum where each sister can choose how much time she puts into the sorority as long as she is meeting the minimum requirements.

Are philanthropies important to Sigma Kappa?

The Sigma Kappa Zeta Chapter proudly supports five philanthropies: the Sigma Kappa Foundation, Inherit the Earth, Gerontology, the Maine Seacoast Mission, and the Alzheimer’s Association.  

During the fall semester, we attend the annual Walk to End Alzheimer’s on the National Mall to raise money and show support for Alzheimer’s care and research.  We also hold two philanthropy events Ultraviolet Days and SigmalympiKs. In the fall we host Ultraviolet Days, where we raise money through a weekly competition between the Greek community on campus. The events include a fundraiser at a nearby restaurant, penny wars, and a dodgeball tournament. All the money that we raise is dedicated to Alzheimer’s care and research.

In the Spring we host an annual Senior Prom, where we throw a prom party at a local retirement home, St. Mary's Court. This is a great way for us to really reach out and be involved with members of our D.C. community.  We also host SigmalympiKs, which is our annual field day where the entire Greek community is welcome to participate in different relay races on the National Mall. The proceeds from the event also benefits the Alzheimer’s Association. 

We are so proud be one of the only sororities on campus at The George Washington University to host two major philanthropy events, one in the fall and one in the spring.  It demonstrates how important service is to our sisterhood.

What are the opportunities for my daughter after college?

Sigma Kappa offers its alumnae a myriad of opportunities to stay connected to its wonderful lifelong connections, from enjoying the virtual blog where alumnae can interact, connecting with alumnae in their areas by joining one of the over 100 alumnae chapters, and through Sigma Kappa travel! We have an incredible alumnae network through which we can gain so much wisdom for both our personal and professional developments. Since our alumnae network extends to not only the D.C. area, but across the whole country and even across the globe, it is always a possibility to run into a Sigma Kappa woman, and they will always have each other's back. Our alumnae are the number one proof that this sisterhood is not only for 4 years, but for life.