Why I Went Greek

Lily Werlinich

New Member Class '16

I grew up in a very insular small town just north of New York City. The people that I graduated high school with were nearly the same as those with whom I started pre-K. By the end of my last year at home, I was unbelievably excited to come to college to meet exciting, fascinating, new people. When I went through recruitment as a freshman, I wasn't sure that I would end up committing to any chapter. I was more in the mentality of, "Well, let's just see what happens." Fortunately, I made it through all four rounds of recruitment and ended up accepting my bid from Sigma Kappa. Though it may sound like a cliche, joining SK was one of the best decisions that I could have made for myself as a young'un. I met an incredible group of women who are now some of my best friends in the world, have a Greek family full of smart, passionate women, and am able to participate in philanthropic activity that truly matters. To all incoming freshmen, I urge you to consider going Greek!

Hope Reynolds

New Member Class '16

When I first came to GW, I was not at all set on going through recruitment as I had had friends who had gone through the process at big southern state schools and the whole idea of it seemed like a lot for me. Also, I felt like I had met a good group of friends before recruitment, so why should I go through the process? However, on a whim, a registered for recruitment because what else was I going to do that weekend, and worse case I would gain a couple of friends through the process. I, like many people at GW, did not have an easy time adjusting college. So as I went through recruitment, I was uncertain about a lot of my life. Yet, since the moment I joined SK, and met my best friend to this day on bid day and many more on the years that have followed, I couldn't imagine not being at GW. Joining Greek Life gave me a much larger sense of community by making my community at GW a little smaller, and a lot friendlier. I will always be thankful to SK and all of Greek life for giving me that community. Go Greek! I promise!

Aitana Wieg-Mondejar

New Member Class 18

I never thought I would be a part of Greek life at GW. I was very skeptical about Greek life and sororities in general, but I decided to rush to meet new people and make new friends. I knew immediately that SK was the perfect place for me and I will never regret becoming a part of such a great group of inspiring women. Joining a sorority and becoming a part of Greek life opened my eyes to new opportunities, friends, and experiences. Not only do I have a supportive group of friends, but SK provides amazing business and internship opportunities along with so many enjoyable moments. I know that involving myself in Greek life was one of the most life-changing and beneficial choices of my life that will last forever. I love knowing there are always more girls in my sorority to get closer with and a group of new great girls who are joining. I can't wait to make more memories with such great people in greek life. Every freshman should become a part of this amazing and life-changing community of women.

Hope Thomson

New Member Class '18

I decided to go through recruitment because I wanted to widen my social circle and I'm so glad I did! It has given me so much more than I originally thought it would. Aside from amazing friends who share similar values, it has given me career opportunities and a place to call home here at GW. Becoming part of Sigma Kappa has truly changed my college experience for the better and I cannot imagine my life without it. I'm so excited for new members to join our chapter and the greek community as a whole!